Corporate Social Responsibility at Grundfos India

Grundfos India’s CSR initiatives focus on sustainability, energy & water conservation, health & hygiene, education and livelihood. The company’s employees are also involved closely with some of these initiatives and volunteer their time and expertise to help the local communities.

Grundfos India’s CSR Policy

Grundfos India’s purpose

  • Grundfos Pumps India will work towards helping its customers and the nation to              conserve Water and Energy.
  • Grundfos will, through all its actions, focus on how it can co-create value with its stakeholders by being a responsible partner for a cleaner and greener planet

CSR Focus Areas

Given the company’s commitment to sustainability, its CSR focus will be on:

  • Sustainability
  • Water and energy conservation
  • Health & hygiene (focussed on children and women)
  • Education (focussed on children and women)
  • Livelihood

Institutional Set-up

The company has the below mentioned set-up to help plan and implement its CSR initiatives

  • CSR Committee: There are two Board of Directors (BOD) on this committee who oversee the CSR strategy, plan and reporting. They are Ranganath N. K., Managing Director – Grundfos India, and Oka Barutcu, Chairman of the Board, Grundfos India. The Head of Public Affairs & Marketing (Mahathi Parashuram) will work with this Committee.
  • CSR Network: Lead by the Head of Public Affairs, the team comprises of employees from various Functions and Sales to help plan and execute the projects. This team is in regular touch with the NGOs and community partners. The group is also responsible for the reporting of the CSR initiatives back to the BOD as well.
  • Volunteer Team: There are key CSR focal points across all Grundfos India offices who help in the actual implementation of the projects along with employees who volunteer on various initiatives.

Guiding Principles

  • Ensure that all CSR initiatives align to the company’s focus areas.
  • Will work closely with the community to analyse their needs and then formulate a CSR project based on their recommendations.
  • Selection of NGOs – The NGOs / community partners will be reviewed to assess the credibility of the request and the institution itself.
  • NGOs / community partners who will be funded by the company are / will be requested to submit regular reports / updates on the progress and impact of the project.


Quarterly and annual reports will be created to showcase the CSR initiatives, spend and impact and shared with the CSR Committee

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