Carsten Bjerg met Putin


Carsten Bjerg met Putin

When the Russian Prime Minster, Vladimir Putin, visited Denmark yesterday to meet, among others, the Danish Prime Minister and the queen, Group President, Carsten Bjerg got the opportunity to talk to him.

Mr Bjerg was part of a group of representatives from the Danish business world, who told Mr Putin about the Danish companies' visions for the Russian market. During the visit, Mr Putin emphasised the importance of interstate trade between the two countries and showed great interest in the activities of Danish companies in Russia.

Pleased with the meeting
Mr Bjerg was very pleased after his meeting with the Prime Minister.
- I got the opportunity to present Grundfos' strong position in the Russian market and I emphasised the big potentials of our products and technologies in relation to the big challenges facing Russia, said Mr Bjerg.
In addition he told the Prime Minister about our current construction of a factory in Istra, inviting Mr Putin for the inauguration of the factory later this year.

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