For employees outside Denmark

Information on sale of Grundfos Employee Shares

Shareholder portal

The register of shareholders of Grundfos Holding A/S is from 28 April 2017 kept on behalf of the Company by the external service provider Computershare.  As a shareholder you can view your account and sell your shares here.

Which shares are you allowed to sell?

As from 1 January 2017 you are allowed to sell the shares that you bought in 2011 and all other shares bought in previous share offerings before 2011.

At which price are you able to sell?

Share prices are valid from 1 May in the below mentioned year till 30 April in the following year. Share prices since and dividend payments since 1 May 2009:

          Price per share          
Dividend per share (before tax)
          192.25 DKK
2.21 DKK
          277.77 DKK
3.78 DKK
          662.08 DDK
23.33 DKK
          468.68 DKK
18.65 DKK
2013          590.56 DKK17.53 DKK
2014          599.40 DKK13.76 DKK
2015          442.31 DKK6.56 DKK
2016          700.91 DKK19.03 DKK
2017          883.78 DKK21.65 DKK
2018       1,022.15 DKK 
22.97 DKK
2019          851.64 DKK22.97 DKK*

The 2019 share price becomes effective as from 1 May 2019 and is valid until 30 April 2020.

How to initiate a sale of my shares?

To sell your shares, you must go to the shareholder portal, 

If you don't have access to the portal, please send an e-mail to

*Subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting on 26 April 2019.