At Grundfos we have an ongoing determination to improve the way things are done. And this does not just apply to setting new precedents in pump technology - we are committed to improving every aspect of our business.

We constantly question accepted norms, because we know that the only way to progress is to challenge the limits that stand before us. Our research and development centre in Denmark is the largest in the pump industry worldwide. Our production technology, designs and materials are constantly examined and improved.

This is the kind of dedication required to produce the unique and effective pump solutions that Grundfos is known for, and that our customers benefit from.

We always maintain our focus on the needs of our customers - whoever they are and wherever in the world they may be.



Energy labelling
Grundfos was one of the pioneering forces behind the introduction of Energy Labelling for pumps in 2005. Providing low-energy pumps – rated A on a scale similar to the ones found on appliances – saves energy on a global scale and benefits everyone.

New materials
After dry-running, corrosion is the next most common cause of shortened pump life. While high-grade stainless steel goes a long way to making CR corrosion-proof, only CR Titanium is corrosion- free. Not even a decade of full immersion in salt water will leave a blemish on the metal surface.

Online support
WebCAPS is Grundfos’ on-line pump sizing and selection tool. Here technical drawings, data booklets, installation/operating instructions and service kits on thousands of Grundfos products can be found. Available anytime from anywhere with an internet connection, WebCAPS puts comprehensive and up-to-date technical information right at your fingertips.

Pump management
Electronic control and regulation is a core competence of Grundfos. Our proficiency and expertise has been developed over more than a decade of creating our own electronics.

In 1991 we released our first pumps with integrated electronics and have since then introduced several generations of electronically regulated pumps, motors and communication systems.

Today hundreds of thousands Grundfos pumps throughout the world use electronic speed control. And we intend to continue breaking new ground in electronic solutions.

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