Think ahead


At Grundfos we always focus on the long-term perspective.

Not only do we lead the market with our technological foresight, we look at each solution we deliver in terms of the future. We think ahead, and together with our customer, develop the best possible solution for the long term. A business relationship with Grundfos is one of partnership and long-term support.

Our forward-thinking mentality is supported at a company level where all employees are encouraged to contribute to the generation of new ideas. Grundfos also looks after the ongoing education of everyone in the organisation.

And our commitment to forward thinking goes full circle, as we reinvest our profits into the development of future solutions.



Sensing the situation
Grundfos SE1 and SEV wastewater pumps feature integrated sensors measuring operation parameters including motor temperature, water content in oil, and moisture in motor. Keeping an eye on their status allows for preventative maintenance, keeping expensive downtime to a minimum.

Service providers
Grundfos sees service as something that must be swift, efficient, flexible - and at the right price. Many customers can make considerable savings by choosing the pump supplier with the most appropriate service contract.

This includes municipalities, which can make great savings with a Grundfos service contract. Such contracts include a thorough annual inspection and running maintenance on installations such as wastewater plants and pump stations.

Continuous training
The Poul Due Jensen Academy is Grundfos' own educational institution. Both Grundfos employees and customers benefit through the continuous learning done here. Course participants from all over the world are trained within sales, technical applications, communication, and much more. The main academy is in Denmark, with satellites in China and Russia.

Building partnerships
Good service and the proper solutions form the foundation of lasting customer relations or partnerships. This is an important element in Grundfos’ objective. Through research and product development we ensure that our customers gain visible advantages and solutions which are future-safe, durable and environmentally sound.

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