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Hot business in a cold climate
Reliability is in demand when it comes to running a four star hotel north of the Polar Circle. A huge investment in pumps and other technical equipment has brought exactly that to Hotel Arctic, as well as massive savings and a solid contribution to taking care of the environment and the unique nature in western Greenland.
Partnership heating up
Japanese boiler manufacturer, Miura, and Grundfos have entered into a global framework agreement. This makes it easier for them to collaborate across borders.
Providing water to drought-hit Italy
Providing water to drought-hit Italy
Quiet enough for Wimbledon
Everything surrounding the world famous arenas has to work perfectly and precisely. From courts to irrigation there is no room for errors at the place where tennis and traditions meet on the grass.
SP Pumps best in test
The new test plant at the SP factory in Aalestrup gives Grundfos an opportunity to certify pumps according to the strictest standards. And that gives the customers an extra guarantee of product quality.
Super microscope demands steady pumps
Advanced microscope technology in the gigantic MAX IV Laboratory at Lund University, Sweden, offers great opportunities for future research and development. The technology is very sensitive, and this poses special demands for pump systems.
The direct link to installers
A strong partnership with Peter Madsen and his colleagues at Danish wholesaler Brødrene Dahl gets Grundfos even closer to the installers. A shop in shop concept, a recycling project and an installer event are keystones in the cooperation.
The highway towards future China
The Jingxin Expressway stretches from Beijing to Urumqi. 2,500 kilometres across the Gobi desert, mountains and megacities. Pumping stations from Grundfos makes fresh water available along the road.
Visions are turned into reality
World Vision and Grundfos want to supply water to the world. The target is to provide millions of people with access to water by 2020. Already now, a significant milestone is reached.
Volkswagen reaches for significant energy savings
The Volkswagen Group wants to cut energy consumption. The target is 25 per cent less by 2018. To help achieve this, a pump control system from Grundfos has been installed at the production plant in Braunschweig.