Grundfos Pumps India launched “No Compromise” yatra


S Tube Launch

S Tube Launch

New Delhi, 2nd November, 2012: Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd launched “No Compromise” yatra, an innovative mobile campaign on efficient sewage water pumping technology, introducing their new range of S-Tube embedded SE1 / SL1 range of Sewage pumps. This mobile exhibition will travel around the country to showcase, communicate and educate customers about this new range of S-Tube sewage water pumps. The yatra was flagged by Mr. B Chandrasekaran, Sr. Director Sales, Grundfos India on 1st of November at Pride Hotel, Gurgaon.

The new SE1 / SL1 range of sewage pumps are fitted with the new ‘S-tube’ impeller technology that avoids clogging problems unlike traditional Sewage pumps available in the market, said the company sources.With the S-tube impeller, the efficiency is higher compared to other wastewater impellers, as there are no edges, dead zones, or cutting functions that get worn over time. Furthermore the S-tube impeller features an innovative and patented labyrinth and sealing system, for years of trouble-free operation.

“The very name of the campaign is derived from the benefits of using an S-tube impeller. No compromise literally means, that there is no compromise between pump efficiency and free passage inside the pump for better solids handling and greater non-clogging capabilities” said Mr. Ramanan, Head - Marketing, Grundfos India.

“The S-Tube impeller Pump is a trend setting product in waste water market, and a boon to municipalities with medium and small sewage pumping stations, due to its high reliability with longer lifetime at lower maintenance cost. The S-tube impeller technology meets the challenges of Backflow, Vibrations, Abrasive wear and clogging. The unique and patented sealing system provides the highest possible reliability, as the hydraulic parts are kept clean during operation. The lowest possible vibration level is guaranteed through the new static and dynamic balancing of S- Tube” said Mr. B Chandrasekaran, Sr. Director Sales, Grundfos India while launching the product.

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