Green Buildings Help Save Energy, Costs and the Environment Grundfos India celebrates the ‘World Green Building Week’


Green Buildings Help Save Energy, Costs and the Environment Grundfos India celebrates the ‘World Green Building Week’

Chennai, September 26, 2016: India has emerged as the second largest country in the world with around 3600 projects built over 3.59 billion sq ft of green building footprint. Going by the trend over the last three years, this coverage can go up to 10 billion sq ft by 2022. This green building movement makes good business sense as well, given that the industry estimates that the energy savings from a typical green building is about 30-40%. Commercial and big residential green buildings cost between 2-3% more than the conventional ones, but the incremental cost can be paid back in about three years from the savings made out of energy and water, as per Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

By choosing a green building, you not only reduce environmental footprint, but can also lead a healthy life with abundant natural light and fresh air with minimum cost of ownership. Grundfos India, a leading pump manufacturer and the distinct holder of building the first gold-rated green building in India is celebrating the ‘World Green Building Week’ to create awareness on the need for green buildings in the country. This year the World Green Building Week is being observed from September 26th – October 2nd, 2016 across the world. The week aims at highlighting the impact green buildings can have on global emissions, water, energy, the economy, health etc., by highlighting how they are the most effective means to address climate change and in creating sustainable commercial spaces,  homes and communities.

To popularise the Green Building concept and its importance, Grundfos India is hosting campaigns on its social media platforms Ek Boondh Pani and i Save Energy. Log into Ek Boondh Pani ( and i Save Energy ( pages on Facebook to know participate in this conversation on Green Buildings. These pages are also hosting fun contests and you have the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Grundfos India’s headquarters holds the distinction of being the first gold-rated green building in India under LEED certification by USGBC. This was later elevated to LEED EB Platinum Certification by the Green Building Certification Institute in 2013. This Platinum certification was based on key parameters such as the facility’s sustainability features, water efficiency, resource management and indoor environmental quality. Some of the notable features of this facility includes -higher energy efficiency levels with 100% recycling of the sewage, rainwater harvesting and photovoltaics.

Grundfos India is also promoting this week’s awareness externally by visits to its Green Building by students from local schools and internally it is hosting a painting contest for employees’ children and will have a green menu at lunch during the week’s celebrations.  

Commenting on this, Mahathi Parashuram, Head – Public Affairs & Marketing said, “At Grundfos India, we strongly believe that the steps that we take today will have a huge impact on our future. We have seen the benefits of our own Green Building on our employees, company and the community. Given that we are in a position to share these learnings with others in the country, we are taking this opportunity to promote the Green Building Week both internally and externally”.

About Ek Boondh Pani: Ek Boondh Pani is a forum hosted by Grundfos India on the social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. The name translates to ‘a drop of water' in Hindi – signifying the importance of each drop of water. Through this page, members share water conservation tips and facts to encourage this awareness to be driven home. Link to the page:

About i Save Energy: i Save Energy is a forum hosted by Grundfos India on Facebook and Twitter. The forum aims to encourage people to spread the word on adopting energy-efficient approaches and investing in energy efficient solutions across the nation. Link to the page:

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