Grundfos brings its Lifelink water solutions to India


Grundfos brings its Lifelink water solutions to India

Grundfos brings its Lifelink water solutions to India

Chennai, October 13, 2015: Grundfos announces today the launch in India of Grundfos Lifelink water solutions - designed to strengthen the quality, reliability and sustainability of drinking water supply in the developing world.

According to a recent study in India, more than 97 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Lack of access to reliable water supply is prevalent in both urban and rural areas in the country. The Grundfos Lifelink water solutions empowers water service providers to provide a more reliable water supply to consumers with the help of innovative technology through reliable partnerships across India. It can apply to small or large water schemes, be it in rural or urban settings, for water utilities, NGOs and community based organizations.

Grundfos Lifelink water solutions are the result of years of field studies and research grasping how to solve the fundamental challenges in water projects: issues of collecting revenues (to keep down Non-Revenue-Water), access to service and maintenance, lack of transparency and inefficiencies in water service management or sheer lack of electric power to transport water. Lifelink solutions combine renewable energy, proven pump technology, an automatic dispenser with integrated revenue collection, online water management and a professional service network. On top of Technology and Service, Lifelink solutions also build on Partnerships across sectors and Business model know-how

Example: Mini-grid of water kiosks connected to local water supply

Peter Todbjerg Hansen, Managing Director of the Grundfos Lifelink business, says “It is a proud moment for us to now being able to offer Grundfos Lifelink water solutions in India. We believe in the co-operation between technology leaders and local entrepreneurs to implement innovative solutions and make a difference for people with little or no access to clean drinking water. This concept has proven successful in our activities across Asia and Africa where our solutions are ensuring a reliable access to safe water for thousands of people already. We look forward to partnering with government and private sectors to deploy our proven solutions in India.”

Ranganath N. K, Managing Director of Grundfos in India, says “Whether it be cities, semi-urban or rural areas, reliable access to safe water is a huge challenge. Grundfos Lifelink water solutions are an important step in meeting this challenge. We are confident that the Lifelink solutions will be successful as they are the link to more sustainable energy and water service models thanks to the use of solar power coupled with intelligent water management.”

To kick-start this launch in India, Grundfos has also tied-up with eKutir, a social enterprise engaged in providing solutions to the low-income communities in India. eKutir’s WASH subsidiary, Svadha Wash, will identify potential segments among communities across the country, urban or rural, and Grundfos will provide innovative technologies and designs, such as water filtration (UF) units and smart water dispensing systems.

With the launch of Lifelink solutions in India, Grundfos also announces two new products in the Lifelink portfolio:

The Grundfos AQtap is an intelligent water dispenser that can be used at any water kiosk. Consumers pay for the water via a WaterCard which is topped up with water credits prior to water tapping. This ensures a transparent transaction for the consumers, and an efficient revenue collection or rationing tool for the water service provider who can also monitor the water kiosks remotely via the smart water management system. The Grundfos AQtap water dispenser can be connected to the public water network or a local water supply, either for a single water kiosk or a complete grid of grouped water kiosks.

The Grundfos AQpure is a modular water treatment unit. By using Ultrafiltration technology, AQpure produces potable water from raw source water; It can be used in water factories, operate as a stand-alone drinking water system or combined with Grundfos AQtap water dispensers in water kiosk applications. The AQpure can run on solar energy and is completely automated. It can be used in rural and remote areas too.

About Grundfos:

Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology.

We contribute to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet.

Grundfos Lifelink water solutions is our commitment to provide sustainable water solutions in the developing world that can be customised according to project needs, delivering a reliable water supply, supporting revenue collection and efficient operations.

Grundfos established its own subsidiary in India in 1998 (Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd.), responsible for sales of Grundfos products in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives. Currently, Grundfos India employs more than 250 people and works with 200 distributors and dealers with 20 offices across India. Grundfos India provides energy efficient pumps and smart pumping solutions for various applications – heating and hot water service systems, cooling and air-conditioning systems, industrial applications, pressure boosting and liquid transfer, groundwater supply, domestic water supply, sewage and wastewater, dosing, chlorination systems, disinfection systems and pumps running on renewable energy.

About eKutir:

eKutir Rural Management Services Private Limited is a social enterprise engaged in innovating new products, services and sustainable models in the BoP market. New ideas are tested in the field, improved, validated, packaged and released to the local communities. Innovation and excellence in service delivery and collaboration, are cornerstones of eKutir’s way of life. eKutir aims to share knowledge, build partnerships, and mentor last-mile social entrepreneurs, to realize the transformative potential of Knowledge and Information and Communication Technology to improve lives, reduce poverty and empower people in rural areas.