Grundfos showcases its intelligent boosting solutions at the IPC 2018


Grundfos showcases its intelligent boosting solutions at the IPC 2018

Grundfos showcases its intelligent boosting solutions at the IPC 2018

Goa, April 27, 2018: Grundfos India, a global leader in advanced and efficient pump solutions, is showcasing its intelligent boosting solutions at the 24th Indian Plumbing Conference (IPC), a national conference of plumbing fraternity at the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium, Goa on April 27 and 28, 2018.

To ensure constant pressure, tall commercial buildings face two major challenges. First, pre-pressure in water mains is rarely high enough to cover the whole building. Second, water demand changes constantly. Break tanks are typically installed to keep water on stock. However, this makes the need for pumps even more urgent as water needs to be boosted to reach different users. This means a booster system must not only be reliable but also have the intelligence to maintain the right pressure regardless of consumption. Grundfos has addressed these issues by designing the optimal water boosting system which ensures pressurized water supply in multi-story buildings while keeping the operational costs low.

Grundfos is exhibiting a few of these intelligent solutions that at the IPC Expo 2018
(Stall number 27): 

HYDRO MPC Pressure Boosting systems: Hydro MPC systems is a pressure boosting system which helps in optimum pressure for water supply mainly in high rise buildings. These booster systems are of very high standards and combining this with the IE5 motor, which is integrated with a frequency converter, connects the accumulated pump experience of Grundfos into the dedicated control software. Hydro MPC helps in energyconservation of up to 7 per cent and a reduction in the payback time of these controlled pumps.        

MAGNA3: The new MAGNA3 circulator is one of our most efficient futuristic range of circulator pump for Industries and commercial buildings in the market today. The combination of efficiency and comfort is made possible by the Grundfos-invented intelligent control mode AUTOADAPT. AUTOADAPT continuously adjusts the proportional pressure curve and automatically sets a more efficient one, without compromising comfort demands. This factory setting eliminates the need for manual adjustments in 80% of all installations.

TPE3: The Grundfos TPE3 vertical In-line pump provides unrivalled efficiency and a wide range of intelligent functionalities that makes it much more than a pump. TPE3 has a built-in heat energy meter as well as flow limiting functions eliminating the need for a pump-throttling valve. With a wide range of intelligent control modes to choose from, the pump is easily commissioned to the system it is being a part of.

Apart from these, Grundfos is also showcasing some of its other boosting products such as Wireless Sensor Transmitter & Receiver, SCALA and Grundfos Remote Monitoring (GRM).

Commenting on the occasion, Ajit Singh, Vice President – Sales (West), Grundfos India said, “From hotels and hospitals to office towers and airports, commercial buildings have vastly different requirements. Grundfos offers a complete range of optimal water boosting systems that ensure optimal comfort and safety in any application while providing cutting-edge energy efficiency. Today we have solutions that are moving the optimization level further up by offering the system control, along with other important aspects like better system design, right sized and more efficient pumps.”