MTA Launch



MTA: Born to succeed

The new, "dirty" MTA product is a single-stage immersible pump, and it will be the widest and the best of its kind on the market.

Why this new pump? / A step into the "dirty side"

Grundfos is a major player and even market leader of pumps to the machine tool industry on the "clean side" of the application, where coolant and lubrication pumps are important sub-segments. The MTA is specially designed for mounting on tanks and pumping the used coolant and lubricants containing particles and abrasive media. It is the first step into what Grundfos calls the "dirty side" and will soon be expanded with a multistage range. This will then make Grundfos a full-line supplier within dirty media.

The product was officially launched in India in three major cities Pune (29th Feb) Chennai (1st MAR) & Bangalore (2nd MAR) with all our customers (pertaining to Machine tool business) participating in the events.

Mr. Ole Gerlich Market Segment Director Machining Industry Segment rendered a very informative and interactive technical presentation on the product, which gave a very good insight to all participants. The event was also supported by Mr.Samir Chandra who would be the single point of contact for machining business across India.