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Grundfos introduces full range of Stainless steel pumps

A significant extension of Grundfos' stainless steel end-suction pump programme now allows every conceivable application

Grundfos Pumps India  introduces full range of New Stainless Steel End Suction [NB/NK] pumps. Now, a full range of ISO-certified stainless steel variants makes the end-suction programme attractive to an even broader audience. Especially the process industry will benefit from the extended range – as will the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

The stainless steel NB/NK pumps are designed and built for industrial applications and come with a variety of carefully considered technical features. Dedicated single, tandem or back-to-back shaft seal arrangements are available to accommodate the specific nature of whatever is running through the pipes and to ensure leak-free and safe pumping of even hazardous or explosive liquids. Moreover, loose flanges that greatly facilitate installation are now standard on all the bigger pumps.

Gundfos pumps are easy service and easy maintenance pumpls,for the new range of NB/NK pumps  much effort has been put into reducing maintenance of the stainless steel end-suction pumps to an absolute minimum. Particularly, the choice of bearing bracket can make a significant difference. Equipped with dispensers that automatically dose the exact amount of grease during operation the heavy-duty grease bracket is virtually maintenance-free and can be left unattended for up to a year. Without worrying about reliability. Both the heavy-duty grease bracket and the heavy-duty oil alternative meet the challenges of high inlet pressure and guarantee a minimum of 100,000 operating hours. The heavy-duty oil variant is ideal also for high temperatures. Naturally, a standard bracket is part of the range, offering a minimum of 17,500 hours of trouble-free operation.

Demanding liquid is a Grundfos specialty, with the stainless steel addition to the product range even the most demanding liquids can be handled by a Grundfos end-suction pump. Reliably, efficiently and with hardly any risk of corrosion. The range handles liquid temperatures between –25°C and 160°C and offers high-pressure pumping up to 25 bar. The pumps come with a choice of two stainless steel grades: EN 1.4408 and high grade Duplex EN 1.4517, to ensure that exact media requirements can be accommodated.

NKG/NBG/NK/NB end-suction pumps can be equipped with motors that carry the Grundfos Blueflux® label. The label guarantees that the motor either meets or exceeds – which is often the case – international legislative requirements, including the EuP IE3 grade. Blueflux® is Grundfos' own label for high efficiency motor technology – a technology that has been designed specifically for pumps and represents the very best from Grundfos within energy-efficient motor and frequency drive operation.

Mr Ranganath, MD of Grundfos India expressed, “we are glad to introduce the NB/NK stainless steel pumps, these new range if pumps come with latest technology with easy service and maintenance. This range of pumps also come with Blueflux®   our own label for high motor technology “