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Airconditioning: India’s greenest building reduces energy by 50%
Check out how Grundfos iSOLUTIONS has been a part of green building movement in India. With versatile functionality, built-in VFD, and IE5 level of motor efficiency, Grundfos has helped the first green building of the country reduce their energy consumption by half.
Austrian utility: 'We didn't believe energy savings of this size were possible'
For the water booster supply application after sand filtration/backwash at Wasserverband Südliches Burgenland in Oberwart, Austria, Grundfos supplied a CR-95 22 kW model from its new line of
Grundfos pumps protect Southern Avenue, Kolkata, from flooding
KOLKATA, INDIA: Formerly known worldwide as Calcutta, the city was recently renamed Kolkata.
Industrial cooling
Intelligent way of pumping makeup water in cooling towers
Innovation and cooperation bring sustainable water supply to rural Kenya
Before August 2016, thousands of people had no easy access to drinking water in the rural areas of Kenya in Nakuru and Makueni counties outside Nairobi. Grundfos provided 60 AQtap “water ATMs” for 11 local water committees, or more than 20,000 people.
Italian utility reduces water loss by 30% with pressure management
Italian utility reduces water loss by 30% with pressure management
Luxury hotel cuts energy in half and keeps comfort at 100%
In 2010, Midea renovated its headquarters in Shunde, China. The company used another brand of pumps. By 2011, high electricity costs, high noise and other problems from those pumps encouraged the owners to look for a better solution. They installed Grundfos, which immediately cut their running costs in half.
MAGNA3 with FlowLimit cuts need for pump throttling valves in HVAC systems
Installing the Grundfos MAGNA3 circulation pump brings in-built intelligence to help balance HVAC systems. It avoids the need for pump throttling valves and adjusts flow levels precisely through simple user interfaces. As a result, system efficiency improves significantly.
Mozzarella plant reuses its process wastewater, turning waste into resource
Denmark's Arla Foods uses Grundfos BioBooster onsite to clean a half million litres of discarded water from cheese production daily. Arla Foods uses the treated water in its own processing plant instead of ground water.
Optimised water distribution
Grundfos DDD provides constant and stable water pressure for the end users in Kauniainen in Finland