Complete this topic to learn everything you need to know about the Grundfos MAGNA3 circulating pump, including technical details and installer and homeowner benefits.

The Grundfos MAGNA3


Introducing the Grundfos MAGNA3

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This short video covers all the basics of the MAGNA3.

Designed for efficiency

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With the MAGNA3, energy efficiency is all about details.

Owner benefits

Learn what the MAGNA3 can do for your customers.

Installation and commissioning

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Setting up a new MAGNA3 is easy – watch how it’s done.

The MAGNA3 user interface

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This video takes you through the MAGNA3 user interface.

Operation and control modes

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An in-depth look at modes of operation.

Features checklist

All the great MAGNA3 features at a single glance.

About wet-runner circulators

Not sure how wet-runner circulators work? Take this short refresher course.

Efficiency and the EEI

Get up to speed on the latest European efficiency rating standard.